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Rodney Miller

Rodney Miller was designated a "Master Fiddler" in 1983 by the National Endowment for the Arts. He is widely considered to be the foremost exponent of New England style fiddling, a uniquely American blend of French Canadian and Celtic influences. Over the past 35 years, he has toured the U.S., British Isles, Australia and Denmark, performed and taught at hundreds of music and dance festivals, and recorded over ten fiddle albums.

In 1999, Rodney represented the state of New Hampshire, playing traditional fiddle music at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C. He has also appeared on Garrison Keillor’s National Public Radio show "A Prairie Home Companion," performed live with the Twyla Tharp Modern Dance Company, performed at the Lincoln Center in New York, and was recorded on the album Songs and Sounds of the Sea for the National Geographic Society.

Rodney's most recent recording (2019), Stringrays, Ticket to Nowhere, was released early this year and is album number two from world-renowned contradance band. Rodney is also a member of the Rhythm Raptors and the Backwater Boys (based in Ca.)

Rodney Miller was pleased to announce his appointment by then NH Gov. Hassan and the Executive Council as the 'Artist Laureate of NH', effective Mar. 2014 through Mar. 2016.

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Violin Maker

Rodney Miller began his career in violin making in 1972 as an apprentice to Jacob Doriath in the small town of Oblarn, Austria. He continued his training in the U.S. as student of Karl Roy, director of the Mittenwald, Germany school of violin making, at the University of New Hampshire Summer Violin Making Institute. Rodney has also trained with physicist Carleen Hutchins, a pioneer of violin acoustical theories, and he has participated in the advanced violin makers workshops at Oberlin College.

Rodney produces violins, violas and cellos from the finest North American and European tonewoods. His instruments are acclaimed for their smooth, deeply resonant quality. Meticulously crafted, many of Rodney’s instruments exhibit the ornate inlay of the 17th century Italian Brescian style. more »


Rodney Miller, fiddler, violinmaker
Rodney Miller Stringrays
Stringrays Trio

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5 string fiddle front view rodney miller

5 string fiddle f holes bridge abalone purfling rodney miller

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